Getting version information reliably vs GitHub, PyPI, Travis-CI, and source is difficult. Taking a page out of ccpgames/setuphelpers to standardize work.

Using prosper_version
""" a place to report package version info"""
from os import path
import warnings

    import prosper.common.prosper_version as p_version
    #requires helper, but install can't reference itself on first pass
except ImportError:
    INSTALLED = False

HERE = path.abspath(path.dirname(__file__))

def get_version():
    """find current version

        (str): current version

    if not INSTALLED:
        warnings.warn('Unable to resolve package version until installed', UserWarning)
        return '0.0.0'

    return p_version.get_version(HERE)

__version__ = get_version() #required for to find via `importlib`

This code helps both users of Prosper projects and devs get the version information reliably, without worrying about all the background confilcts.

Version Priorities

Below is the rank/order prosper_version will try to resolve version information

  1. TRAVIS_TAG: if test is running on Travis-CI, default to its version (release)
  2. git tag: Look for latest version in git (dev)
  3. version.txt: Look for latest version in version.txt file. (PyPI released)
  4. default_version: If all else fails, default to 0.0.0