Parsing global/local configs can be obnoxious. We provide a way to use/override configs. Especially for libraries, a way to control globals or override them.

All Prosper use the ProsperConfig parser. Powered by py3’s configparser.


import prosper.common.prosper_config as p_config

ConfigObj = ProsperConfig(
    local_filepath_override='path/to/custom_config.cfg' #optional

option_value = ConfigObj.get_option('SECTION_NAME', 'KEY_NAME', override_value, default_value)

This should give the following priority for option_value

  1. if override_value != default_value: override value: A value given at arg time
  2. local_config['SECTION_NAME']['KEY_NAME']: Untracked local config file (secrets safe)
  3. global_config['SECTION_NAME']['KEY_NAME']: Git tracked config file
  4. os.environ.get('PROSPER_{SECTION_NAME}__{KEY_NAME}'): Check the environment for values (secrets safe-ish)
  5. default_value as a final result to avoid returning None where it wouldn’t be supported