Getting Started

ProsperCommon is a group of utilities we expect nearly every Prosper project to use. These libraries are designed to be easy and uniform.

Using ProsperCommon

pip install ProsperCommon

It’s worth noting that nearly every Prosper project requires a app_config.cfg file. Some libraries will expect certain namespaces be reserved.

EX: prosper.common.prosper_logging.ProsperLogger() expects to use [LOGGING] section for config keeping

Please review documentation carefully to avoid namespace collisions

Updating ProsperCommon

If working from dev/GitHub:

pip install -e .


python test

Since common is so important to Prosper projects, testing and coverage are extremely important. Please know PR’s will require the following

  • >90% coverage
  • PEP8 compliance
  • Napoleon style docstrings for all functions and classes
  • Docs coverage for any new functionality


pip install .[dev]

sphinx-apidoc -f -o docs/source prosper/common/ Update autodocs

sphinx-build -b html docs/ webpage/ build docs

Documentation is important. Please make sure to update docs before release


Release is handled by tagging + Travis-CI. Tagged versions are automatically pushed to PyPI.

Release message should include useful update notes, and versions should follow Semantic Versioning standard.